quinta-feira, outubro 26, 2006

Green Tea Red #4.04 - Small pleasures

I must admit, as much as I hate rainy weather, Autumn is sometimes quite surprising... This morning, the sky was dark grey, it was raining like one can't imagine, the roads are a mess, the river banks overflowed everywhere, no one talks about anything else these days! But, then again at lunch break... take a look:
Aren't these a well worth seeing spectacle? I'm delighted with them, not as much as with their aroma which is stunning too!
And they were glad the rain stopped: Dofo, an old acquaintance...

His eyes are just like the back of the new bag, as you can see,
And Celeste, not very into "touch", if you know what I mean, but a real sucker for taps in the head! The poor thing was almost abandoned by her mum as a baby. She had to struggle for each meal as for her life, against two big big brothers. The others died, disappeared... but she kept on. She had the size of a 4 month during her first 2 years, only now she has gained some weight.

Well, I know that it may seem rather irrelevant to talk about the weather, my cats, my garden... but the thing is, I really enjoy these small things, I only wish we could always have consciousness and time, and the will to seize all these things around ourselves.

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