quinta-feira, novembro 16, 2006

Keeping up with the good work!

So this is how it goes: I'M FREAKING OUT!!! Ufff, everyday now I'm just thinking how big the shop is and how will we fill it up with our "goodies". Seriously, I'm working at the speed of light! Still, I have two or three new models growing up in my head, that I need to experiment.
So I don't have much time for blogging, please excuse me dear friends. But I leave you my last creation:

#408 Tangerina Alfazema - Vintage cottons, recycled jeans, vintage trims, quilted and hand-embroidered. The back and handles are in pure wool (scotch).

Lucky me, there was a sunny afternoon today, so I could take bright pictures. Here is the whole piece:

And more Christmas Decorations, go very nice with your tree, presents, snow, fuggy pudding, warm stockings and hot chocolate... Enjoy!

Todos estes produtos estão disponíveis, se estiver interessado entre em contacto: quartodeideias@gmail.com


4 comentários:

Precilia disse...

Olà obrigada pela visita.. Vim tb ver o que aqui se passava e continuas com coisas lindas !!
Ja viste entao o novo "template" branco e core de rosa.. Nao sei se vou o guardar..
Doi me os olhos olhar para ele lol

sara aires disse...

Merci! Não sabia que era um template novo, mas o pequeno "banner" é muito giro, adoro cornucópias!

Lotta disse...

Such lovely work! And I adore not only your shops name and tag but the numbers you are putting on your objects. Such a cool touch! I would want to display it so the numbers showed!

sara aires disse...

Well, thank you very much for your nice words, Lotta. I also like the numbers a lot! But I'm afraid that if I show them too much people don't like it... Maybe I'll try that in a few pieces and then see how it goes.
Byebye, and feel welcome anytime!