terça-feira, setembro 05, 2006

Small treasures in a cardboard box - Memories in fabric

Finally I can show the wonders my grandma had for me. She had a store a long time a go. They sold a little bit of everything. In those days my grandfather would go once a month or so to Porto and Lisbon. There he would buy the best portuguese cotton/ wool fabrics. I say cotton and wool, because that's exactly what was produced in those days. Now everything is a mixture of fibers and something else. So, grandma always kept a few yards of fabrics that were left over after the shop closed. As you can imagine, all my life I had asked her if she didn't have some fabrics for me to make things and to learn how to sew! By now I had already given up... but the other day she goes like: "Come to my place there's a few fabrics I'd like you to take a look at" - Wow!

These two are double sided! Gorgeous!

These are some of my favorites, specially the tulip one.

I remember these on my pijama's...

And here she is, then and now:

And here I am, the most yellowish, unhealthy child... eheheh! All my trousers and skirts were made of that fabric, wooly and not very nice for a girl who loved lace and ribbons!

And now, the dearest of all treasures in my grannie's house: one of my very first sewn dresses! Watch the details! All handmade, of course ... Things have changed that much, I guess...

Now, hands to work! New stash, new life!

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rafaela teves disse...

Olá menina!

Já sabes que podes vir cá quando quiseres, mas se fosse com a Teresa era mais giro! Combinem entre vocês e eu depois também vos digo quando tenho férias exactamente.

Adorei este post, e deves estar encantada e também perdida entre tantos "brinquedos" novos.
As avós são sempre as melhores!
Vai mostrando o que for saindo daí.

Beijinhos grandes e saudades tantas...