terça-feira, setembro 26, 2006

"Step on it!!!" - "Pé na tábua!!!"

Long time no blogging around here, hã? It's not only the lack of time, nor the busyness... It's Autumn. :(
I always try to look on the bright side of life (like the Monty Pythons) but it all comes down to this: Ihate the end of Summer!
Ihate to wake up in the morning freezing and grumpy... I hate when it is too cold to wear sandals, but still too hot for shoes... I hate not knowing what to wear these days when it can be cold in a minute and hot the next... Uff!
Well, at least not all is bad. The fresh smell of humid soil after the rain... Oh! That is "home" for me!

Also, sitting in front of the sewing machine and sew all evening, no matter what goes on theTV, no matter dinner, or anything else...That's a favorite too!
And here it is, now officially a kind of a small afghan (I don't know if you can call it like that, maybe that's just for knitting or crocheting?!)
or just a warm softy cover for Sunday rainy afternoons watching movies and having tea with biscuits...
After several days of joining tiny pieces together, I'm now quilting. It's not easy, one has to be very careful not to let it too tight or too loose...

Nevertheless, I love my sewing, my quilting, my crochet, it's my best way to fly away!...

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Salamandra Pintarolas disse...

... só mesmo fazendo tudo isso com amor! e vai tudo ficando bem bonito!
Keep going ;)

Ah, e o cheiro a terra molhada!!!!*****