segunda-feira, setembro 11, 2006

Novidades do outro lado do globo... - Novelties from the other side of the globe!

A new swap has arrived! Nina sent me a very nice package with a lot of goodies in it.

She really has got an eye for strange things, she collects amazing old or new stuff. I would love to take a peep in her!eh! I think it must be some kind of odd museum. Anyway, you see for yourselves, she is "Fun Old New" at flikr.

A pretty candle, lots of american postcards...

Wonderful vintage lace...

And look! The fabrics even have that border with all the printing details!

Thank you Nina! I'm delighted with your gifts, and I hope you like mine too.
In this swap I tried to pick up old products from portuguese origin. Some of them you can't find anymore, because the foreign products have taken over our market... welcome to globalization.
Others are still on the market, but maintained their original design since ever! I think I can give you just a small taste of our beautiful country. Enjoy!

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