sexta-feira, maio 25, 2007

"Gettagged - 7 things about you"

Hello Karin, welcome to my blog and thank you for "tagging"me.

OK, 7 things about me... well,

I love dancing (all kinds of dance from ragga to tango...), a

I like to meet different places, to travel and contact with different cultures,

Painting and crafting are my hobbies, I'd like to make them my job!

Vacation? By the seaside, please!

My great addiction? Clothes, shoes, and crafting materials.

My worst characteristic? Being stubborn.

Zodiacal sign: Taurus, but ascendent in Scorpio! :D

There would be a lot more to tell of course... but I'll leave it to your cretive minds! Eh, eh, eh!

Meanwhile, Jane has some nice ideas on such kind of personal things. Take a look!

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Steffi disse...

It´s interesting to read "7 things" about you!I love vacations by the seaside too,...
Have a nice day!

Steffi ;O)