quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2006

Pointy kitty, at last!!!

Finally I have a tiny squeezed moment to post something! It's been a hard days life!
Here is Pointy kitty, a web project from
Wee Wonderfuls, one of the top crafty blogs! I'm talking 5 star quality... Anyway, Pointy kitty is free softy pattern created by Hillary(author of Wee Wonderfuls) that one can download and make just for fun... here she is!

Oh, and don't you think she is the only child here!

Meet Cinha (short for Alice) and Dofo Pofo (short for Rudolfo):

Dofo and Cinha are brother and sister. She is mostly like a dog! Always running after some imaginary rat while playing with a nut... As for him, ... well he's a lazy bones! All he wants is to eat and sleep. (I don't blame him!)

Meanwhile, I hope I can manage to post new products soon... Keep passing by, we welcome you!

2 comentários:

rafaela teves disse...

Girl, you're quick!

And she's lovely!

sara aires disse...

thank you very much, Kitty is blushing...:)