quarta-feira, janeiro 25, 2006

Tickles in my fingers - formigueiro criativo!

Ah! The urge to write! To knit! To create!To unravel a puzzle... Last saturday while chating with a friend, beetween a beer or two, we realised: The problem of working in something you dislike isn't one of not loving what you do, as much as the fact of not being constantly building, creating something! "What really bothers me is that I'd rather be doing something with my hands!"she said. Exactly!! What strange force is this which stops us from standing still, not only bodily but also in terms of mind? I sometimes, very often in fact, can't sleep just because of a thought of a new project! Sometimes I even get up just to sketch a stupid idea or note down a small phrase! But this is so frustrating! How easy wouldn't it be to just do your duty, from one end to the other, simply corresponding to what you are asked to do? Maybe we would sleep a lot better, but then again... nahh! Rather be a frentic frustrated artist than a shallow narrow minded, workaholic with no imagination whatsoever!! Free your mind!
Picture: Best christmas present ever!! Sistine Chapell on 3000 pcs puzzle!!! Thank you sooo much!

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rafaela teves disse...

Oh, but my problem is that i'm so lazy that i rather fall asleep than write that thought down. I could be a genious known to the world if it wasn't for that ;-)

sara aires disse...

Then that makes 2 of us!
Cheer up Girl, lazyness is just the state before invention and creation, ...Adiante!