terça-feira, julho 15, 2008

Freeform - Crochet, Embroidery, Sculpture... FreeWill!

I started to crochet with my grandmother, as well as embroidering... All this by the age of 5.
There was no video, only 1 hour of cartoons a day, and no children around to play.

I've always been absolutely addicted to colours, textures and light. Also sometimes there would be a lady sewing for grandmma. All this came to me as a strong influence. On the other hand, in vaccation I was with my mother, who painted a lot. She had to bare with my creativity for years, when I simply thought that a painting needed more cobalt blue or some cadmium yellow overcoat! Seriously, I ruined a LOT of her paintings!

This fine mixture of rituals became a need. And the more I did, the more I wanted to learn. Soon my grandmma finished her repertoir of crochet, and I hadn't had enough! I read and searched every crochet pattern I could find (but in those days there were only doillies and boring stuff). I got frustrated. I started as many projects as bobbins I could find. Mummy was furious, "don't use my thread on these... finish at least one piece!"

So, after one or two years of no crochet at all, I bought 2 bobbins of my own, during summer vaccation. I was 10 or 11 by that time. I made my first freeform crochet. Just like that! Spontaneously, had never even heard the name to it until 4 years ago on the internet. Older people would either regard me as strange, or would pay no attention. Now I know I'm not alone. Plus, crochet can be art. It has long surpassed the cosy doillies, blankies and baby booties. Sculpture, painting, performance, happenning, all artforms have already been exploring crochet and knitting.

I work in a machinery business, we sell agricultural machinery. It's only a way to pay the bills, but sometimes I can really freakout. I cannot picture myself without thread, therefore colour, or ink... everyday I could beguin a thousand projects.

I often ask myself, do I get all this desire to create because I'm so hold back by my daily job? Would I be able to keep my inventive self so active, if I dedicated myself to art?

Maybe one day I can build up the courage to take THE step and find out...

Meanwhile, here are great artists of Freeform:




2 comentários:

rafaela teves disse...

Ai Sara... Que bela estória de vida!


E força para o Grande Salto!

Filipa Soares disse...

...ok...antes de mais quero dizer-te que o teu trabalho, e após verificadas as peças que recomendaste, não fica a nenhuma distância em termos de qualidade.

Também tu tens uma forte noção de como combinar diferentes pontos e tons no sentido de um resultado que vai surgindo, que te vai exigindo determinadas escolhas.

Expande...das malas e outros artigos...para peças com outro grau de complexidade...e voilá!!!

Tens toda a capacidade!

Vai tentando...em passos pequenos...até ao momento em que possas largar tudo e assumir o crochet como o assumes já!!!

Tu consegues!!!

Excelente trabalho!


Filipa Soares