terça-feira, junho 27, 2006

Morangos e mirtilos... Strawberries and other berries

It has been like this every summer since a few years ago... When June comes, the wild strawberries invade our garden. They're not very big, the size of a thumbnail at most, and I've tried one or two but they're not very tasty... Really they're just there! They take over the grass, but only to be beautiful! Also because a lot of birds come there and have their feast. It's a very nice way to have life in your garden! Music to one's hears...

This was very inspiring to my new project, as an echo of this, this one and this other, the next crochet work is coming slowly into shape:
I'm following no pattern, no sketch whatsoever, only one or two ideas in my head and the natural instinct to draw with thread... So I make random pieces which eventually I will gather and adapt to the already joined parts... This gives you a sense of freedom.

In this way you don't get tired of your project. Only be careful to keep the notion of the shape that you are giving to the piece, in order to slowly build the desired final product. I usually decide first if it is going to be a shirt, or a skirt, or whatever... and then let the shape of the already crocheted parts "dictate" the precise model. So this can take a long time, a lot of patince but at the end you get the real compensation: an unique pattern which cannot be redone.

And now 5 fantastic suggestions of this also fantastic crafter,
here. Enjoy!

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És incrível, menina!

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